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Executive Coaching

Naomi and her team provide very effective coaching services to [our] attorneys nationwide, at various stages in their careers. The Firm engages the team to coach high potential associates and counsel, in support of their “promotion ready” development plans; newly promoted partners who are making the challenging transition from successful “go to” counsel to high performing partners; partners identified as emerging leaders, in support of the development of their management and leadership skills; partners whose practices are in flux, and who need to shift their career strategies; and associates, counsel and partners who are transitioning from [our Firm]. In each instance, Naomi and her team quickly gain the confidence of and engage our attorneys in the coaching process. Naomi and her team are committed to working with their clients until goals are met, and desired results are achieved. Our attorneys uniformly describe the experience of working with Naomi and her team as “transformative”. Naomi and her team are highly trained and highly skilled professionals, who understand the law firm world. They employ practical approaches to career planning and development, and are able to help attorneys turn their aspirations into reality. Engaging Naomi and her team is one of the best talent development investments the Firm has made.
— Chief Human Resources Officer of Am Law 100 Law Firm
I worked with Naomi Beard & Associates at a time when I was under tremendous pressure at work and reassessing my priorities and ability to balance work and family. Rather than telling me how I needed to approach and work through the implications of my situation, my coach gave me the tools and support I needed to frame up the issues myself and find the right answers. The result was a process and working relationship that felt very organic, which led me to really trust the validity of the conclusions I reached.
— General Counsel, Major Grocery Retailer
Naomi Beard & Associates is our go-to firm for partner coaching. Their consultants have a deep understanding of both law firm dynamics and the challenges that partners face. They are good listeners and tailor their approach to our needs.
— Chief Operating Officer, Mid-Size Law Firm
The professionals at Naomi Beard & Associates consistently take a thoughtful and engaged approach to the individuals they work with, whether it be with regards to outplacement or coaching. They focus on empowering those individuals to determine their career goals and figure out a strategy for meeting them.
— Chief Attorney Development & Knowledge Officer of Am Law 25 Law Firm
Using Naomi’s team for outplacement and for coaching has yielded very positive feedback from our lawyers—they vastly prefer guidance and support from counselors that specialize in working with lawyers.
— Chief Human Resources Officer of Am Law 100 Law Firm


Naomi Beard & Associates has been tremendously responsive and accountable throughout the entire outplacement process. Our firm was never left guessing about the status of an engagement, and we never questioned the value they added to the career search process for our transitioning attorneys.
— Firmwide Head of Attorney Development, AmLaw 100 Law Firm
I began working with Naomi Beard & Associates uncertain as to the path I wanted to take for the remainder of my career. My coach helped me figure that out through a number of in person discussions, telephone calls and encouraging me to explore a wide range of options. I ended up making a choice I never would have expected going into the process—but one I am confident is the right choice.
— Managing Partner, Litigation Boutique
I only have this job because you encouraged me to make lunch dates with all contacts who may be able to help me. Sure enough, my friend’s dad was in need of an associate and we’ve been working beautifully together ever since. So thank you.
— Attorney, Leading Media Law Group
Looking for a new job, during a weak economy and slow job market, can be a very stressful and emotionally draining process. But, I was fortunate to have Naomi Beard & Associates guide me through my job search. You can trust that Naomi Beard & Associates will provide you with the guidance necessary to succeed in any career path.
— Law Firm Associate
And thanks again for all your help. This was naturally a very difficult time for me, but our time together helped me to focus and find new avenues. I think that, despite the unfortunate cause, the effect has been quite positive. I’m finally doing the work that I really wanted to do and I’ve learned a lot about networking.
— Law Firm Associate
I am especially grateful to have had the opportunity to draw upon your experiences during the interview and offer stages of my job search. I believe that your guidance in my initial personality and career evaluation and analysis during the beginning of my job search helped me to develop a much better understanding of the type of job that I would not only be successful at, but also happy at. I was then in an advantageous position to evaluate multiple offers as they started to roll in (just as you predicted they would)! Having worked the entirety of my professional career at a large law firm, I was completely clueless with respect to negotiation of compensation packages for business and in-house opportunities and your expertise in this area also helped me to secure a very attractive employment arrangement. You also provided expert advice to assist me with two problems I surely did not think I would have when I first embarked on my job search—(1) the sensitive issue of managing timing for simultaneously open offers, and (2) declining offers with grace and without completely shutting the door to potential future employment relationships.
— Law Firm Associate
Naomi and her team helped me through a very difficult time in my life. They kept my spirits up and pointed me in the right direction. They give intelligent thoughtful advice and personalized service. They also never let me lose hope or confidence in myself. After a lengthy job search I ended up getting three job offers in a very difficult market. I highly recommend Naomi and her team for personalized and professional outplacement services.
— Law Firm Associate

Talent Development

I want to commend you for an extraordinarily well written, thoughtful, balanced, nuanced — and ultimately helpful — report. You had a very nice way of presenting the pluses and the minuses and making the entire exercise a most constructive one for me.
— Department Chair, AmLaw 100 law firm
Naomi and her team demonstrated their incredible commitment throughout our upward reviews project, from our very first meeting through the hundreds of individual in-person interviews and written reports. This sense of commitment continued at every step, as the NB&A team was always available and prepared, consistently met every deadline set throughout the months-long engagement, and exceeded all of our very demanding partners’ expectations. When we asked the NB&A team to conduct over 400 interviews in three cities in three weeks, the team jumped at the occasion and worked to ensure we had coverage everywhere, despite their existing commitments.  Instead of “no,” every road block was addressed with “how can we make this work.”
— Partner & Management Committee Member of Am Law 25 Law Firm
Naomi Beard & Associates is the rock star of law firm consultants, particularly when it comes to Upward Reviews but also in coaching.
— Global Director of Legal Talent, Am Law 50 Law Firm
Thank you for the thoughtful report! I must admit that I felt apprehensive when I started reading, but I found the feedback very helpful — and I plan to incorporate the suggestions you made.
— Senior Partner, AmLaw 100 Law Firm
We are proud of our distinctive culture. Naomi and her colleagues are an integral part of helping us attract, develop and retain our best people.
— Michelle Egan, Managing Director for Talent Development, O'Melveny & Myers LLP
Am Law 100 Law Firm and Vault Top Ranked 2019
Partnering with Naomi and her team exceeded expectation in every regard, and our expectations were already extremely high. The level of availability, responsiveness, flexibility, creativity, professionalism and expertise was exceptional.
When we entered into this partnership we were hoping for a 75% response rate from our associates—to our surprise and delight, we received over 90%. The resulting reports were extraordinarily thorough and have provided the recipients with comprehensive feedback that not only offers constructive coaching points, but underscores valued skills, abilities and commitment.
— Senior Director, Firmwide Human Resources, Am Law 50 Law Firm
Naomi and her team have provided invaluable assistance, working with our management team and broad range of lawyers and practices, in providing coaching, outplacement and talent management consulting. We view Naomi Beard & Associates as a trusted advisor, partnering with us in continuingly advancing the quality and performance of our lawyers.
— Director of Practice Operations, Am Law 25 Law Firm