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The most successful law firms today recognize the value of implementing robust talent development programs. Naomi Beard & Associates provides a wide range of consultation services designed to complement—and indeed effectuate—your talent development objectives.

Upward Reviews

Law firms spend a lot of time and money training associates, yet many leave after just a few years. The traditional approach to retention—coaching or mentoring associates—doesn’t get at the heart of the problem.

Upward reviews focus on partners, measuring their performance as mentors and supervisors. Confidential feedback from associates uncovers a wealth of information that can:

  • reveal hidden problems
  • improve training
  • reduce stress
  • boost morale
  • promote a strong, cohesive firm culture

Upward reviews improve retention by giving associates a voice. Simply conducting a review makes them feel more positive about their firm. Following up on the findings solves real problems and preserves the boost in morale.

Upward reviews also have a profound impact on the performance of supervisors. Top mentors gain recognition for their efforts and can serve as role models. Those whose management skills need improvement may learn for the first time about problems they can solve by making simple but important adjustments to their approach.

Our upward reviews are customized—we tailor our process to your needs and will travel to you wherever you are. We can do full-scale reviews for hundreds of attorneys in offices across the globe or reviews for a region or a single office.


Parental Leave Coaching

Returning to a legal career after parental leave can be overwhelming. We can help. Our eight-week program offers executive and performance coaching specifically designed to address the unique needs of parents. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of individual circumstances, help you set realistic goals and plan ahead to anticipate challenges and ensure success.


Helping attorneys with career development benefits the whole firm.

We consult with law firm talent development professionals to fill knowledge gaps and provide the cutting-edge skills today’s marketplace demands. We can design new programs or work with your existing offerings to make them the best they can be.

Good training has multiple benefits. Instead of shooting from the hip, attorneys gain benchmarks they can use to measure progress toward specific goals. Skills they attain can help the firm gain new clients and take on more complex assignments.

Tracking progress also increases attorneys’ engagement and job satisfaction—providing yet another boost to talent retention.


Presentations and Limited-Scope Coaching

Looking for advice in a particular area? We offer presentations on a variety of leadership and career development topics, which can be followed by brief coaching sessions. Presentation topics include: 

  • strategic career planning
  • career management
  • business development
  • leadership development
  • effective communication
  • transition to partnership
  • lateral partner integration
  • better mentoring
  • effective performance evaluation


    Contact us for information on designing a program to suit your firm’s talent development needs.

    Our department heads, practice group leaders and partners are so impressed! The upward reviews are exceptionally well written, thoughtful, and comprehensive, and the coaching points are spot-on. It is clear to me how hard you and your team worked to create these mini-masterpieces. I can’t thank you enough for putting these together and for your responsive, “can do” attitude, even when we were asking you to complete the seemingly impossible.

    The feedback has truly shaped the supervisory behavior of our partners and counsel and affects the daily lives of each and every associate and counsel at the firm. It is very meaningful to our retention efforts and morale around the globe.
    — Director of Attorney Professional Development, Am Law 100 Law Firm