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Ongoing talent development is the cornerstone of an organization’s success. That’s why top law firms rely on Naomi Beard & Associates for talent development services that effectuate performance goals and propel growth for their attorneys — and their entire organizations.

Upward reviews

Increase performance of senior attorneys and retain associates. The success of partners and senior-level attorneys hinges on more than closing matters and attracting clients — crucial to the prosperity of your firm is the ability of your partners to effectively lead their teams. That’s where upward reviews come in, enhancing leaders’ supervisory skills to optimize operations and boost retention of associates.

The upward review process gathers confidential feedback from associates about your firm’s leaders, revealing a wealth of information that:

  • reinforces institutional norms and values

  • improves training and mentoring

  • reduces workplace tension

  • reveals hidden problems

  • boosts morale

  • promotes a strong firm culture

Upward reviews have a profound impact on the performance of supervisors. The most impactful leaders gain recognition and become role models. Those whose management skills need improvement discover simple, practical adjustments that positively transform the effectiveness and culture of their teams.

Upward reviews give associates a meaningful voice. Their esteem of the firm rises when they’re given a chance to offer feedback, and seeing real problems solved as a result increases morale. These factors, in turn, improve associate engagement and retention.

Whether you need a full-scale review of hundreds or thousands of attorneys across the globe or a targeted look at a single region, office, or team, you’ll find tremendous value in our customized approach. Let’s talk about how an upward review could benefit your firm.

Targeted coaching

Get expert advice to enhance key performance areas. Targeted coaching tailored to your specific needs gives you immediate, tangible results in critical areas. Our coaches deliver powerful presentations, followed by focused coaching sessions, on topics including:

  • strategic career planning

  • career management

  • business development

  • leadership development

  • effective communication

  • transition to partnership

  • lateral partner integration

  • better mentoring

  • effective performance evaluation

Let’s discuss the targeted coaching topics that can meet your firm’s needs.

360° leadership reviews

Enhance the effectiveness of your firm’s leadership. Often, leaders at the top of a firm crave useful feedback — but without channels for receiving it, important systemic and strategic issues can get overlooked. Our 360° reviews provide law firms leaders with a comprehensive synthesis and analysis of peer feedback on key strengths and areas for improvement. Such reviews may include law firm chairs, managing partners, department heads, practice group chairs, and members of senior law firm committees.

Contact us to find out how our approach  can amplify the efficacy of firm’s leadership.

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Our department heads, practice group leaders and partners are so impressed! The upward reviews are exceptionally well written, thoughtful, and comprehensive, and the coaching points are spot-on. It is clear to me how hard you and your team worked to create these mini-masterpieces. I can’t thank you enough for putting these together and for your responsive, “can do” attitude, even when we were asking you to complete the seemingly impossible.

The feedback has truly shaped the supervisory behavior of our partners and counsel and affects the daily lives of each and every associate and counsel at the firm. It is very meaningful to our retention efforts and morale around the globe.
— Director of Attorney Professional Development, Am Law 100 Law Firm