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To thrive in today’s competitive environment, law firms must constantly improve. As they grow, challenges increase. With more demanding clients and heavier workloads, many are forced to do more with less.

What We Do

At Naomi Beard & Associates, we help high-potential attorneys reach even greater heights by grounding them in powerful techniques to improve performance and reach professional goals. Whether you’re an associate nearing partnership or a leader building a new practice, we can open doors that lead you to better results.

Our areas of service include:

  • leadership and practice group management
  • client development and relationship building
  • communication and team building
  • supervision and mentoring
  • time management and delegation
  • career planning and advancement

Our coaches have legal backgrounds and are formally credentialed, experienced coaches. We work one-on-one with law firm executives and directors, executive committee members, and attorneys, listening carefully to their needs and providing the tools to help them reach specific goals.

How We Work

We use world-class methodologies, selected according to your needs, including:

  • identifying successes and areas that need improvement
  • evaluating personality strengths and weaknesses
  • performing 360-degree reviews with colleagues
  • administering and interpreting personality or vocational assessments
  • defining and prioritizing goals
  • anticipating obstacles
  • helping to create business development plans
  • setting metrics for success and accountability

We can visit your offices or use video conference technology to work with you.

Our help doesn’t stop when the coaching ends—we remain available for an additional three months to reinforce new lessons and troubleshoot any problems that arise.

Maintaining priorities, working efficiently and developing new business lines are tough under these circumstances. Even the most successful attorneys can benefit from the assistance of a coach.

Every law firm—and every attorney—has different needs. Feel free to contact us to learn how coaching can make you more successful.

Naomi Beard & Associates brings the same commitment to excellence to each project—whether coaching an individual or doing large-scale consultation projects for groups of lawyers and law firm executives.

Naomi and her team possess an unusual ability to connect with professionals at all levels, from junior attorneys and managers to senior partners and chief officers. They have inspired the confidence of our firm’s leadership and have become an integral part of our talent development efforts.
— Director of Attorney Professional Development, Am Law 100 Law Firm